Zadar & Split, Croatia

Croatia was indescribable. When people ask me what my favorite place was that I visited when I studied abroad, I never have a specific answer, but Croatia always stuck out. Croatia has everything- mountains, the sea, ancient and beautiful buildings, waterfalls beautiful forests, rolling hills, islands, vineyards. They have an Italian and Greek influence, particularly in their food. I mean, what more could you want!

It rained six out of the seven days we were there, but we made the most of it and certainly enjoyed ourselves. During this trip, three friends and I stayed in apartments we rented out via Airbnb. This was a great idea because staying in an apartment with your friends is so much easier and comfortable than staying in a hostel, where you share a room with eight other people.  During this trip, we spent three days in Split and four in Zadar.


  • We drank Croatian wine. YUM!
  • We visited Diocletian’s Palace, church, and crypt.
  • Took a million pictures at the harbor, where we met some people also from Wisconsin.
  • Toured the Ethnography museum, where we saw traditional Croation clothing and artifacts.


  • We toured the old town.
  • Took a day trip to Nin- a super small city with an amazing view of the mountains and Adriatic Sea. The population is tiny and people’s houses have ruins in their front yards.
  • Took a day trip to Plitvice National Park: waterfalls everywhere. Also, we rented a car to get there, because it was more convenient and surprisingly cheaper to do that than to take the bus. Super beautiful and a must-see!
  • Spent the only sunny and non-rainy day at the beach (I’m a little sunburnt now).
  • Ate really great seafood and pasta.
  • Listened to the sea organ (it's right on the ocean where waves crash against the Shorewall and the waves go into the sea organ and it creates beautiful music)
  • Visited the Monument to the Sun, which is a bunch of glass panels on the ground in the shape of the sun that soak in the sun's energy all day and uses that energy to light up the panel in different colors at night. It's a dedication to the sun. 

All in all, Croatia was amazing and very under-rated. Go there!