Rome & Florence, Italy

I spent a week with my friend, Kate, in Italy (three days in Rome and four days in Florence). It had always been my dream to go to Italy, and I am incredibly happy that I made it there! Both cities were fantastic, although I preferred Florence a bit more than Rome. Florence just seemed more authentic to me, whereas Rome felt more touristy. Don’t get me wrong though; it was so cool to see all of the Roman Ruins and artifacts that date back from centuries ago.

In Rome, we:

  • saw the Trevi fountain under-construction. Unfortunately. But I guess now I have a reason to return one day!
  • saw the Pantheon, Colosseum, Roman Forum, Palatine Hill, The Vatican, Vatican Museum, Sistine Chapel and many other monuments.
  • ate a ton of pasta, pizza and gelato.
  • drank a ton of wine.
  • went on a pub crawl with our hostel one night. We hadn’t actually planned on going as it was 20 euros, but one of the guides convinced us by giving us half off.
  • were told that the city is trying to add on to their small metro system, but are having many problems because every ten feet they dig they find more ruins/artifacts, which was so cool!

* I’d recommend for anyone planning on visiting to buy all tickets for the Vatican/Sistine Chapel/Colosseum/Palatine Hill/Roman Forum/etc online. It will cost just a couple more dollars, but you get to skip the lines, which often take hours to get through.

In Florence, we:

  • visited the Santa Maria del Fiore Cathedral, which was stunning on the outside, but not as great on the inside. Also, make sure you are fully covered when trying to get in, or you won’t get in.
  • visited the Uffizi Gallery and the Galeria del Accademia, where we saw Michelangelo’s statue of David
  • went on a wine tour in the Chianti Region and had dinner in beautiful Sienna
  • had lunch at the Mercato Centrale, which is a Public Market with many different small restaurants that cook in front of you.
  • went to a very authentic Italian restaurant that had no English menu, so we guessed. Turns out the pasta I thought I’d be getting was really a plate full of smoked fish and cabbage….not my ideal dinner, but the Tiramisu we had afterward made it all better.

I am so happy I made it to Italy and that I got to spend that time with my good friend, Kate! I will absolutely return one day to see the Trevi fountain and to visit many other cities, such as Pompeii, the Almafi Coast, Lake Como, and many others.