Marrakesh, Morocco

Morocco was the most interesting adventure I have been on. I hadn’t really known what to expect out of my time there, but it turned out to be incredible and such a wonderful experience! Two friends and I spent four days in Marrakesh and did numerous excursions during that time.

Here are some of the main things we did:

  • Went on a camel ride through the Palm Tree Forest
  • Visited the Ouzoud Valley (2nd largest waterfall in Africa). This is a must do!
  • Learned how to make Moroccan Tagine. YUM!
  • Walked around the large market square
  • Went shopping in the souks and got some awesome souvenirs!
  • Got called really funny things by Moroccan vendors. (i.e. Lady Gaga, Fish and Chips, Cheeseburger, Stacy, Harry Potter, and many others)

– Also:

  • After eating at a restaurant, we walked past another where a worker standing outside asked us if we wanted to eat there. My friend, Victoria responded, “No, we already ate, sorry.” The man returned, “But you’re so skinny! Eat again!”
  • We walked past another man in front of his shop who asked us if we wanted free pants. We answered no, and he responded with, “do you want a free boyfriend?”
  • Another man whose restaurant we had previously eaten at ran up to us the next day and tried to convince us to eat at his restaurant again. After saying no and reminding him that we had already eaten there and that he should remember us (jokingly), he said he did and we walked away. When we were about 20 feet away we heard him yell, “You’re all very attractive…I love you!"
  • Last but most definitely not least: (this one is actually an experience two girls from our hostel had) They were standing directly in front of a food stand to look inside, and the worker just in front of them yelled out while staring at them, “free food for the skinny girls….where are the skinny girls?”

Basically, we had a ton of fun in Morocco! It was definitely the most unique place I’ve ever visited, culture-wise. There were so many bright colors, wonderful food, cheap everything and the people were so, so nice. I would not hesitate to return, especially because there are many other cities I’d love to visit within the country.

P.S. If you visit, many people will offer to show you how to get to places if you seem lost. Just be aware that they will expect to be compensated financially. This is the same for any tours you go on, any camel rides, etc.