Lisbon, Portugal

I had never really planned on going to Portugal in the first place during my study abroad experience.  But, a couple of friends recommended it to me and so I thought, what the hell? Why not?  Like I said before, this was a very freeing and exhilarating time in my life. 

So three of my friends and I embarked on our journey. We arrived after a short plane and taxi ride, and found that Lisbon is INCREDIBLE! The city is very old and incredibly stunning.

We walked around a lot, took a million pictures, and toured an old citadel. Everywhere we walked had beautiful views of the city and what we were seeing almost seemed unreal. One of the days we were there, we ended up on sitting on the beach and shared a pitcher of Sangria.

Portugal was warm and relaxing, and all of the locals were very nice and most even spoke English. Even though it wasn’t on my list of must-sees, I am really glad I made it there and could experience such a wonderful city.