Geneva, Switzerland

I once spent a weekend in Geneva and honestly, I had mixed feelings about it. The reason being that it was February and FREEZING COLD. Now, I am from Wisconsin. I know cold. But living in Southern France, I wasn't equipped with the right clothes and didn't imagine that Geneva would be so cold considering it was only a couple hour train ride north of Marseille. I should have known better. ;)

Also, because it was February, most of the attractions were closed. I mean, really, I should have done more research. But I didn't. 

So, most of my time was spent eating Swiss Chocolate and Fondue with my friends. Which was definitely amazing!

Apart from that, I did go ice skating, walked around the city- I did love that because half of the city has French influence, the other German, visited some beautiful old churches, went to a couple museums, visited The UN and tried my best to stay warm

A couple things I wanted to do: visit the Jet D'eau, hike mountain outside of town and visit a castle with a Freddie Mercury Statue an hour around the lake.                                                  

I would love to go back sometime,  but when it's warmer! I will update this post when I do!

Note: right after I got back from this trip I dropped my phone in some water and it died a tragic death. So, I only have a picture or two from this trip.