Jennifer L. 


I have dreamed about starting a business for over 10 years and had googled, bought courses, read books, started blogs, searched for businesses for sale... and I never got anywhere. I realized I could no longer rely on my day job and was struggling to financially make ends meet after my job changed. I had to start relying on myself. Working with Hannah has given me the clarity, direction and personal guided support I had desperately been seeking for years. I had no idea about the opportunities for me and had been thinking small for far too long. In the few short months we have been working together, Hannah has opened up so much possibility, opportunity and positivity in my life. Our calls are one of the best parts of my week, and I know she will have laser-focused feedback, critical knowledge, and brand new ideas to improve my current projects and help me see the future and where I am headed. I can hardly wait to see where I will be in a year with Hannah in my corner and am shocked at how far I have come since deciding to invest in myself and my business.

Hanna H.


Hannah knows her stuff! From our very first conversation, she has offered me tangible strategies, incredible support, and somehow knows "exactly what I need to hear" as a new business owner. Her own experience coupled with her dedication to my success helps me feel like I'm on the right path (finally). She has so many innovative ideas to grow my business and find new ideal clients each month! I am so glad I didn't wait to start my business, and I know I couldn't have done it without Hannah!

liz M. 


What can I say about Hannah that will sum up everything she has done for me and my life? There really are no words but I will try my damnedest. The drive, the commitment, the compassion and the no excuses attitude that encompasses this incredible coach, is the driving force on how I am living MY dream. When you invest in yourself and hire Hannah your life will change. You're going to be tossed into the winds of change and I mean that in the BEST way. Not only does she have the drive and passion to keep you going until you succeed, but she has the wisdom and experience to complete the balance. Hire her. Don't think about it. Go with your gut. You will change your LIFE through this process. What are you waiting for ? Jump.

Odessa L. 


Cass D. 

Hannah is one of the most genuine and caring people I have met in business, truly an extremely valuable and hidden gem, and a pleasure to work with. Her authenticity, and eagerness to support others with no hidden agenda makes her stand apart from the rest. I am grateful to have her as a colleague and friend.

The first phone call I had with Hannah, she inspired and motivated me to work harder and chase after my dreams. She not only listened to my struggles as a new entrepreneur but also gave me practical advice and resources that helped turn my problems into victories. She helped me realize I was not crazy for dreaming big and taking a leap of faith on my entrepreneurial journey and showed me that these crazy dreams can be my reality. I truly believe the universe brings the right people into your life at the right times, and I am so thankful that the universe brought Hannah into mine. If you are an entrepreneur looking for someone to support you, assist you and encourage you, I recommend you contact Hannah today.