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Episode #21 Karen Delgado: Creating a Location Independent Business

Karen Delgado, the founder of The Little Black Shell Group and a world traveler, joins us for this episode to talk about how truly simple it is to create your own location independent business! While giving tangible action steps to do so, she also shares her story that I believe many will resonate with. Connect and follow Karen at,, and!

Girl, Wash Your Face:

Episode #19 Mike McDonnell: How to 10x Your Sales Through Confidence

Mike McDonnell joins us for this episode to talk about how you can easily 10x sales in your business by building your confidence, self-esteem, and mindset. Mike also has an incredible story about living with Diabetes and Cystic Fibrosis, and the obstacles he's had to overcome. You won't want to miss this episode! You can follow Mike on his FB group 
or on his podcast (Success & Sales: Hacks & Chats): ITunes 




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The War of Art:

How to Win Friends and Influence People:

Episode #18 Jenna Faye: Organically Attracting Soulmate Clients Online

In this latest episode of The Limitless Millennials Podcast, Jenna Faye joins us to talk about how to organically attract your soulmate clients online- and it's easier than you think! You can connect further with Jenna at or in her facebook group: The Sacred SHE Sisterhood Community. 

The Big Leap:

Episode #17 Jessica Phillips: Preventing Stress & Burnout in Your Business

Jessica Phillips, breakthrough coach, joins us in this episode to share her story of how she went from a Pediatrician Resident to entrepreneur and digital nomad. As someone who has ample experience with stress and burnout, Jessica shares her insight and wisdom in how you can prevent burning out in your business. You can follow Jessica here: 

The Universe Has Your Back: 
Light is the New Black: 
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The Miracle Morning:

Episode #16 Tristan Sophia: Bringing Out Your Inner Badass

Dr. Tristan Sophia applies her extensive experience and knowledge as a psychologist to her success and confidence coaching business. By bringing out the inner confident badass in her clients, Tristan shows women that they no longer need to be held back by perfectionism or by their limiting beliefs. Don't miss out on this episode to learn more about showing up as your most badass self! You can join Tristan's Facebook Group here:!

You are a Badass:

Episode #15 Adri Kyser: Awakening to Your Divine Feminine Power

In this latest episode, Adri joins us to tell us about her truly incredible story of overcoming abuse, no longer identifying as a victim, and standing in her power to turn into the powerhouse she is today. She also shares how YOU can step into your divine feminine power so that you can step out of victim mode and stand in your power to become the best version of yourself! You can book a 1:1 Enlightened Alchemy session with Adri here: or you can check out her yoga studio here: 
The 4 Agreements: 
Tribes- We Need You to Lead Us: 
The Alchemist: 
A Course in Miracles: 

Episode #14 Vivi Dahms: Better Your Relationships to Create Happiness in Your Business (and Life!)

Vivi Dahms joins us in this episode to share her worldly wisdom about building and bettering relationships in our lives to create happiness and ease in our businesses (and lives)! As entrepreneurs, it's easy to neglect relationships that are important to you. Listen to this episode to learn how to be a better, spouse, parent, child, sibling, friend, and all around person! Grab Vivi's Free 4-day Video training series: 

The 5 Love Languages Quiz: 
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Episode # 13 Val Sloan:Leaving a Tenured Professorship to Follow Her Dreams

A Millennial- Minded Gen X-er, Val Sloan shares her incredible story of working in a hostile environment that led to her searching inward to figure out what she truly wants in her life. Val's story is one of true bravery, determination and is definitely not one you'll want to miss! You can follow Val further at: and !

Life Re-Imagined: 
Big Magic: 

Episode #10 Monica Doyle: How to Safely Transition Businesses

Monica Doyle joins us in this episode to share her story of transitioning businesses when her first business no longer aligned with her life goals. She shares some truly fantastic advice on how to know if your current business is no longer serving you, and on how you can safely and efficiently go about transitioning into a new business! Get Monica's Business transition Roadmap 

Creative Visualization: 
The E-Myth: 

Episode #9 Monica Dilworth Watson: How Your Style IS Social Media Branding

Monica Dilworth Watson is someone that at a young age was often found wandering through people's closets to look at and to try on their clothes. Cute, right? Because it probably wouldn't be as cute at the age of 24, Monica has taken her love for clothes and designing capsule wardrobes to become a Style & Biz Coach. Now, she helps soulful entrepreneurs create boho capsule wardrobes that align with their souls and their brands so that they will attract their ideal clients on social media. In this episode, Monica shares her unique story as well as her expertise on building cohesive wardrobes and why it's important to utilize them in your branding! Connect and follow Monica in her Facebook Group:, on Instagram:, or on her website:

The Big Leap:

Episode #8 Taylor Slango: Manifesting BIG THINGS into Your Life

Taylor Slango is an absolute magician when it comes to manifesting things into her life, and in this episode she not only tells us about her journey and her manifestation success stories, but she also shares how ANYONE can go about manifesting BIG THINGS into their lives! Whether you're brand new to the world of manifesting or a seasoned pro, this episode will serve to encourage, inspire, and teach you! You can connect with Taylor at And you can find your copy of the free manifesting workbook here: !

The Universe Has Your Back:

Episode #7 Tigrilla Gardenia: Focusing on What Makes You Happy

Tigrilla Gardenia is Communications Consultant for the Natural Business Leader and a Keynote Speaker on Plant Intelligence. In this episode, she shares her unique perspective and story on building nature-based businesses, choosing happiness over money (although we all know money follows when you choose happiness), and going against the status quo. You can connect further with Tigrilla at .

Episode #4 Lottie Dalziel: Balancing Life and Business

In this Episode, we talk with Lottie Dalziel, Founder of Banish and Co-founder of TOSKA. Lottie tells her unique story of staying in her 9 to 5 while running two businesses on the side. She also shares her advice on learning how to balance all of the work she has while still finding time for herself. Learn more about Lottie and her businesses at and


Good to Grace:

Episode #3 Alex Morton: Making it Work No Matter What

In this episode, Alex Morton joins us to share her entrepreneurial perspective on taking the skills you already have and turning them into a business. Alex's story is one of risk-taking, believing everything will work out without proof, and doing whatever it takes to be successful. Connect with Alex at

You are a Badass: 
You are a Badass at Making Money:

Episode #2 Elizabeth Modene: Finding your Passion & Just Going for it

In this episode, Psychic Medium, Elizabeth Modene, joins us to share her unique story of encountering obstacles that turned out to be blessings in disguise, hitting rock bottom, and turning her passion into her business. Connect with Elizabeth here: