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I am a Soulful Business Mentor for Enlightened Entrepreneurs as well as an Ascension Guide for Awakened Souls. My mission is to help lightworkers live soulful and spiritually-aligned lives! For many, this also means sharing their light with the Collective by building their own businesses. I strive to share my mission, my expertise, and to inspire others by utilizing speaking and press platforms to share my message.


My speaking events mostly include workshops, (virtual and in person) summits, Facebook lives, and podcast interviews where I speak mostly to soulful entrepreneurs, lightworkers, and other enlightened souls.

My articles often delve into subjects such as mindset, limiting beliefs, overcoming obstacles, the ascension process, building a soul-aligned business, building a relationship with Spirit, and so many other spiritual and entrepreneurial topics! You can check out some of my main platforms here!

Some of my most-requested talks include:

  • 5 Steps to Building a Soul and Spiritually-Aligned Online Business

  • A Checkup on Your Spiritual Mindset (Using Intuition, Law of Attraction, and other spiritual strategies in your business)

  • Spirit Connections and Sign to Show that You Are on the Right Path

  • Balancing the Divine Feminine and Sacred Masculine in Your Life and Your Business

  • How to Shine your Light in a Judgmental World

  • My Favorite 5 Tips to Help You Through The Ascension Process

  • Creating a Solid Money Mindset Foundation for your Business

  • How to Break Free of Impostor Syndrome and Show Up as the Expert You Are

Where you've seen me: 

  • Thrive Global

  • Medium

  • IamDanElson.com

  • The Daily Grind Podcast

  • 100 State

  • DreamBank Madison

  • The Dream Life is Real Life Podcast

  • Becoming Your Greatest Possible Self Podcast


I wrote a book!

I took everything I had learned from being a Virtual Assistant, building a Network Marketing business (ended that opportunity when I started my business), from building my business, and from helping countless others build theirs, and I turned it into a book.

Interested in having me speak at your event, or contribute to your blog/podcast? Use the button below to contact me!