I am a Soulful Business Mentor for Awakened Entrepreneurs & an Ascension Guide for Lightworkers.

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I am so happy that you're here! It is my belief that we are all souls living human lives. And we are all here on a pre-determined path: we’re all here to become better, greater souls. And each one of us has particular lessons we need to learn and karmic situations we need to go through during our time on Earth.

I consider myself a Lightworker and a Starseed. I have always thought, since I was a little kid, that I wasn’t from here. I would look up at the stars, at the great vastness, and think to myself, “I’m from somewhere up there but I have no clue where.”

And since I awakened a couple of years ago, I’ve resonated deeply with calling myself a Lightworker: someone who is here to share their unique light in the world and to spread that light out to everyone they meet.

As co-creator of Dear Enlightened One Online Magazine, it has always been a huge part of my personal mission to provide information, knowledge and resources to lightworkers all over the world to help guide them on their own Ascension Journeys. But I also have always known that I’m meant to do so much more than that; that I can help awakened souls on a much deeper level.

So now, I help Spiritual Entrepreneurs build successful soul-aligned, heart-centered businesses in a way that feels GOOD to them, while also balancing their soul-ascension journey. And I also help Lightworkers traverse their own Spiritual Journeys. I am here to guide awakened souls in raising their consciousness, connecting with their higher self, and in walking the path of the Lightworker.

After several years of being a spiritual entrepreneur on my own ascension journey, I have learned how important it is to build a business that resonates with your soul, and that ultimately feels good to you. It’s important to work with the current energies, to know how to get through the difficult times (especially the mirrors and shadow work), and to trust the signs that tell you that you are on the right path (even when it doesn’t feel like it). There’s no need to feel sales-y, to use strategies that don’t seem right, or to do what others tell you to do just because it worked for them. The beautiful part of owning your own business is that you get to choose how to run it.

So, let’s find the soul-aligned strategies and solutions that work for you and that feel good to you in your business and in your life.

And as someone who has been awake for several years now and who has moved through many transits, many different energies, many shadow phases, many “dark night of the soul” phases, many abundance phases, and so on, I am so excited to help other Lightworkers through the hard times, the good times, and all of the times in between. If you’re a Lightworker, you’re here on a HUGE mission, and you know that Soul Ascension is no walk in the park. So, let me help guide you along your journey so that you have someone on your side who has been through it before, and who can help guide you through.

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“When you focus on the good, the good gets better.”
— Abraham Hicks


I wrote a book!

This book is for anyone who is looking for direction, tangible action steps, and the knowledge needed to FINALLY go after your dreams, to leave your day job, and to live your limitless life. Many of us on our enlightened paths have found ourselves wanting to utilize our gifts and talents in our own businesses rather than at 9 to 5s. And this book will show you how you can so easily use the skills, passions, and experience you already have to become an online entrepreneur. Whether you're currently stuck in your cubicle and have no clue where to begin, or you've started a business and aren't seeing the results you want to see, this book will serve to inspire, empower and teach you everything you need to know to build a successful online business.




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