Be a Treasure Hunter

This blog post has a short and succinct message: be a treasure hunter in your business.

As a Business Coach, I see this all of the time with clients and other entrepreneurs: opportunities are lost or passed up because their minds aren’t opened to the possibilities.

In an age where networking has become digitized, it’s easier than ever to connect with people around the world. In the online entrepreneurial world, this is how clients are found, collaborations are made, and followers are gained.

But so often do I see these potential collaborations, clients and followers dismissed.

So, here it is: be a treasure hunter in your business.

When you meet someone online who isn’t your ideal client, don’t immediately dismiss them!

Still learn about them and allow them to learn about you.

Maybe this person could be someone to collaborate with on a project, maybe they will be a client in the future, or maybe they will give you a referral.

Maybe this person will become your new biz bestie.

Or this person becomes a contact that you can send your clients to get help with a certain aspect of their businesses that you don’t have expertise in.

There are hundreds of scenarios I can think of that demonstrate how the mere potential of meeting someone can benefit you.

So, the next time you meet someone who isn’t your ideal client, I encourage you to have an open mind as to how you can work with each other.

The absolute worst thing that happens is that the person you meet becomes a contact of yours and you know about who they are, what they do, and vice versa.

And maybe you even make their day by showing your support and genuine interest in learning who they are.

Be a treasure hunter.