Creating Flow in Your Business

If you’re anything like me, you probably started your business with a ridiculous amount of ambition. Then, you immediately started doing all the things and quickly found myself grinding and working, and working and grinding. And before you know it, you’re exhausted, lack motivation, have zero energy, and sometimes even question why you’re doing what you’re doing.

I totally get it- I have been there before. When you get to this point, the best thing you can start to do is working flow into your business. What this means is that you start adapting strategies into your business that will allow you to feel more motivation and clarity in your business, and that will also allow you to work less while making more of an impact as well as money (You feelin’ me?).

So, here are some steps you can start implementing into your life and business so that you can start feeling flow:

Mindset & Clarity.

The first thing you need to do is check in on your mindset. Ask yourself what is working in your personal life and work life and also what is not working. Take a 15-20 minute journal break and do some automatic writing and write out what’s been happening lately, so that you can get down deep to the roots.

Ask yourself if you’ve been maintaining your positivity, if you’ve been using affirmations and visualizations, when the last time you updated your vision board was, and how often you take time for self-care. Journal about it and see what needs to be changed, and then CHANGE it!

Set some Goals.  

Now that you have some clarity on where you are in your business, you need to fully understand the direction in which you want your business to go. This is because, if the path you start to go down is not aligned with the path you want to go down, you won’t be feeling the flow you want to feel. Instead, everything will feel much more challenged and difficult to achieve.  

But, first thing’s first: do you have a mission statement to be able to refer back to, to make sure you’re on the right path? If not, check out the link above to create one!

Then, start dreaming. Do another automatic writing exercise where you start writing down all of your dreams and goals. Then, prioritize then from most achievable to least achievable. Then, use the SMART system to start achieving the more feasible goals, while always keeping the less feasible goals in the back of your head so they can be achieved in the future.

Don’t forget to find yourself some accountability in the form of a biz bestie, mentor, friend or coach! Someone to push you out of your comfort zone, check in to make sure you’re on track and to help you achieve your goals!

Start Implementing Time Management Strategies.

First of all, I just want to say here that if you don’t have a calendar app you use or a planner, I strongly encourage you to get one. But, what I really wanted to do here is to share how I manage my time:

Every Sunday, I write down everything I want to get done the next week. Then, I prioritize them from most important to least important. After that, I get real with myself: I think about what I can actually get done the next week and cross of the less important tasks that I most likely won’t complete. Finally, I split up all of the tasks onto each day of the week I’m working while taking into consideration my non-negotiables and obligations.

Some other tips I help my clients adapt to their schedules include:

Using websites and apps that take away your access to particular sites for a particular amount of time. For instance, if you are a serial Facebook scroller and you know it keeps you from getting your work done, you might consider using one of these sites to block Facebook for the hour it takes you to write that blog post.

Another tip I love to help my clients implement is the rule of 5. This works especially for those who have other large obligations- like a 9-5 job or staying home with kids. The idea is to get done 5 things every day- no matter the size. And if you consistently get 5 things in your business every day, then your business will have no choice but to grow.

So, start to think about the systems you already have in place, and consider what else you could begin implementing so that you can get more done in less time to better achieve flow.

No More Re-Inventing The Wheel.

For me, it took until one of my coaches said this to me before I understood that I could reuse information. Not everyone is going to see every post in your Facebook group, nor are they going to read every blog, or see every email. So, it is ABSOLUTELY fine (and recommended by me!) to reuse the information and content you’ve already created and recreate it into something else. This way, you will spend less time wondering what you should write about and will only have to make a few adjustments before sending it out or submitting it.

What you need to do here is to start looking through all of the content you’ve already created- the Facebook posts, emails sent, freebies created, FB lives and other videos, blog posts, webinars, et cetera, and start thinking about ways you can turn that content into other things.

Some examples include turning Facebook lives into blog posts, turning a series of Facebook posts into an email campaign, and reusing freebies by putting them on Pinterest or setting them as an opt-in for your website.


This is the big one. And I do want to say here that I understand that not everyone is at a place in their businesses where they can outsource some of their work. However, this is something to strive for and to add to your vision board if you are unable to afford it.

That being said, I guarantee that you will reach a point in your business, where you start to truly understand how much your time is worth, and it will probably be worth it to pay someone to do those things that you don’t like to do and that take up too much of your time. It’ll be worth it because you will be able to spend that time doing other things that are more important- working with more clients or even just spending time with your family or doing self-care.

Consider this: If you HATE posting on Instagram and you know you usually spend 2-3 hours a week doing it. And you also know that you spend 2-3 hours a week working with an individual client. Wouldn’t it be worth it to pay someone else to take over Instagram so you can take on another client, make an impact on another person’s life AND make more money?


So, now that you have a couple steps that are easy to implement in your business, get started! Work on implementing one step each day for the next five days and see what happens! I guarantee the longer you strive to implement these steps, the more flow you will feel in your business. And what is better than that?