How To Know If Online Coaching is For You

The idea to write this blog post popped into my mind after talking to a potential client. Since I started my business, I have hopped on calls with numerous people who are looking to start entrepreneurial endeavors. Some of them have ideas of what they’re looking to do, others have absolutely no clue. And that’s okay!

I’ve talked to many people who have incredible talents and experiences they can share with the world. After talking to some of them about the knowledge they already hold, it was easy for me to see that they could very easily become coaches and that they would be FANTASTIC coaches. And to be honest, when I told them this, very few had ever realized before that they could become a coach.

So, this is why I decided to write this post: so you too can decide if coaching is something you might want to look into pursuing!

You like helping guide people through their problems

Are you one of those people that are constantly helping friends, family, acquaintances, even random people? Maybe you’ve had a job, internship, or even volunteer opportunity where you got to help people solve a particular problem, and you LOVED it. Better yet, you KNOW how to solve a problem a significant amount of people have. This is an incredible start. Now you can do some market research to figure out who your ideal client is and to be sure there is a tangible need for your solution.

You have an inner cheerleader

Are you a support system for many people? Do you find yourself often being the person to cheer others on, the one who cheers people up when they are done, the one that reminds others of their accomplishments, successes, and achievements? If you answered yes to these questions, then you definitely have an inner cheerleader.

You want to become an entrepreneur and FINALLY make your worth.

Are you looking to become your own boss and work towards your dreams instead of someone else’s? Are you dreaming of creating and working whatever hours you choose instead of the suffocating 9-5? Do you wish you could take vacation whenever you want and not have to ask anyone? Are you ready to start actually making what you’re worth rather than what others deem you’re worth (Hint: I guarantee it’s FAR MORE than what you’re currently making at your 9-5)? If yes, you might want to look into entrepreneurship. 

There are, of course, many more ways to know if coaching is the right fit for you- and it’s certainly NOT the right fit for everyone. However, if any of this resonates, then I encourage you to look further into becoming a coach. Do some market research and see if making your ideas a reality could be possible for you. At least consider the possibility that it could be an option. If anything, maybe this will open your eyes to even more possibilities that are out there and you WILL find the right fit.

As always, I’m open to talking if you want to learn what this might look like for you! Email me at