When Should I Quit my Day Job?

As a Business Coach, I get this question all the time. I get it from my clients, the members of my Facebook group and even from strangers reaching out to seek advice. It’s a question that so many people are asking, which is why I wanted to address it here!

Having been in this spot myself, I absolutely get it. Let me tell you a story:

Like many of us, I went to college, got a degree and moved right into working a corporate 9-5 job. My plan was that I was going to start out at an entry-level position, work my way up the corporate ladder and by the time I was 40-45, I would be making significant money to be able to go on luxurious vacations and buy a beautiful house. However, that wasn’t exactly what happened. It only took me three months of working to realize that I had chosen the wrong path and that working 9-5 in an air-conditioned cubicle was not the right fit for me.

After having that realization, I stayed at that job for over a year being miserable and having no clue where to go or what to do. I dabbled in a couple of ventures, particularly a network marketing business and Virtual Assistance. However, neither fulfilled me or made me happy. I finally stumbled upon the online coaching world, fell in love and decided to jump right in as I was able to work in all of my past experiences at my jobs, working as a Virtual Assistant, and from building a network marketing business.

Then, after a couple months of pursuing my coaching business while maintaining my 9-5, I had to make a decision. Do I quit my job before I’m financially stable so that I can put all of my energy and effort into my business, or do I wait until I’m financially secure before quitting?

Luckily for me, I was given a HUGE nudge. I was sitting at my desk daydreaming about a trip to Hawaii and making six figures when I started having this relentless thought that I needed to give a five-week notice. Why five weeks? I didn’t have a clue. But the thought would NOT leave my head. So I did it.

The next day, I walked into work like normal and my boss called me into his office to tell me that the corporate office has a policy where anyone who gives more than a two-week notice needs to be let go immediately with two weeks pay. Apparently, someone in the past had given a long notice and burned some bridges on the way out.

It was terrifying then, but I know now that the Universe had my back and needed me to quit at that time so that I could indeed work full-time on my business, put all of my energy into it and bring me to where I am today!

So now that you know my story, I want to tell you about some lessons I learned from it that might be able to help you:

Listen to Your Gut

This one is, in my opinion, is the most crucial. I truly believe that if you are meant to, then the Universe will give you a nudge. The Universe will send you signs that you won’t be able to miss.

The problem is that many people aren’t open to receiving and recognizing signs and nudges. And when they experience them they immediately write them off or call them a coincidence. So you need to make sure that you’re opening yourself up to receive the signs and nudges!

Be Smart and Resourceful

Do you have ample money in your savings account? Do you have any way to make or borrow money to survive off of until your business is profitable? Are you able to get credit cards to use?

I firmly believe that you would be able to manifest the necessary money if you quit your job with zero dollars in your bank account, no credit cards or any way to get money except for getting another job. You COULD do it! However, I think it helps a lot with your mindset and stress levels to have some money on hand to live off of until you are sustainable.

Weigh Out the Pros and Cons

Make a list of the pros and of the cons of quitting and of staying. Which side is longer or has more profound thoughts or considerations? Talk about this with a close friend or confidante who you can trust to help you sort this out.

Just make sure that you think this ALL THE WAY through! Take several days or even weeks to make this list and go over it many times so that you are confident you have absolutely everything listed. This way you will feel confident and completely sure you’re making the right choice!

Always Remember

You can ALWAYS make money. If you run out of money, you can always start another full-time or part-time job. You could Uber, donate plasma, sell some of your belongings, borrow money from a family member or friend, or even do yard work for a neighbor to get money to pay your bills. You can ALWAYS get money.

Ultimately, there is no cookie-cutter answer for someone looking to quit their job. And I’m certainly never going to tell someone to quit their job or that they should stay in it. My advice is to do all of the above and go from there! Most importantly, believe that you will know when it’s the right time because your gut will tell you. So be sure to listen to it!