How to Leave Behind Shiny Object Syndrome

I see so many entrepreneurs struggling in their businesses. They’re doing all of the things they know they’re supposed to be doing, hustling through their days, working weekends, and not seeing any of the results they’re want to see.

So, they start to wonder what it is that they are doing wrong in their businesses. They find themselves scrolling through Facebook to see what everyone else is doing to find some inspiration. And they come upon a freebie. They see an appealing photo, read the convincing copy, then believe that they NEED that freebie being offered in their life to better their business.

And then they opt-in to said Freebie and it is sent directly to their inbox. Easy-peasy. And they tell themselves that they will check out the Freebie later. Later quickly becomes two days, two days becomes a week, a week becomes a month and so on. Before they know it, they have 30 Freebies cluttering their inbox from the past month that they haven’t even bothered to open. And they do a mass delete. And their businesses do not improve.

Instead of grabbing all of the Freebies you can find, show up LIKE THE BOSS YOU ARE!

Eliminate your time scrolling mindlessly through your Facebook news feed. By doing this, not only will you have more time working on the things that actually matter in your business, but you will also avoid the Freebies altogether. This way, you will also get rid of the email clutter and the head clutter!

Focus on creating instead of consuming. Instead of grabbing these Freebies and mindlessly scrolling through Facebook, focus solely on putting your own content out into the world. Create webinars, more services, more products, a new course, a new group challenge, or send in an article into an online publication! Set your sights on creation so that you don’t even have time to consume.

Always remember that you are a badass entrepreneur. If you are currently struggling in your business, don’t give up. Giving up equates to immediate failure. Remain consistent, focus on providing value to your audience, and give it time. But certainly, don’t let yourself fall into the Shiny Object Trap.