How to Stay Motivated in Your Business When it Gets Tough

Owning your own business is a rollercoaster. Some days you feel like you’re flying, vibing high and kicking ass. Other days you doubt yourself, are totally negative, and ask yourself, “Why did I start my own business?!” Owning your own business can be difficult sometimes and it’s a hell of a lot easier to quit than it is to keep pushing.

There are many reasons why we might give up on our businesses. We find that it is way more work, more difficult to get clients or customers than anticipated and all around too hard. Another reason is that we don’t always immediately get the results we want. Sometimes it takes awhile to get your name out there, to become known in an industry. And building your own business is not a get rich quick scheme.

Some of us also lack structure in getting done what we need to get done. We love being an entrepreneur and having more time freedom but moving from a 9-5 rigid schedule into one of our own can be challenging to effectively create.

A lot of us are also not fans of change. What has worked for us in the past is not necessarily what will work for us now, but accepting that realization can be difficult. And our unwillingness to change can factor into our unsuccess, which in turn makes us want to quit.

Finally, another large factor that makes us quit is having a negative mindset. Having a negative mindset quickly leads to more stress, worry, anxiety, and self-sabotage. I personally believe that having a strong, positive mindset is key in the foundation of a business. If you have a positive mindset, you have more success and ease in your business.

There are so many reasons why we quit.

But let me ask you this. If you quit now, where will you be in 3 months? In 6 months? In a year?

Now let me ask you this: where could you be if you don’t quit? And do you really want to have to ask yourself “what if” in the future?

Success could literally be right around the corner. You have been working and grinding and maybe your first client, your first sale or whatever result you want is right around the corner.

Success occurs by being consistent and making smart choices, but you also need to give it time.

If you feel like you’re grinding and grinding and getting nowhere, keep reading for tips to stay motivated!

I have compiled a list of ways that I have personally used to keep motivated in my business even when it’s tough. By using these, you will never quit your business.

  1. Celebrate every single success you have. Doesn’t matter if it’s small or large. Every single one.

  2. Look back at where you were six months ago and see how far you’ve come. Now imagine where you will be in another six months and how you will be able to look back at where you are today and be so thankful for how far you’ve come.

  3. Open your mind to other opportunities and ways you can go about things. Put it out into the universe that you need to accomplish something but don’t know how and see what comes to your mind.

  4. Work on your POSITIVE MINDSET. I have said this once, I’ve said it a million times, and I will continue to say it. However, having a solid positive mindset foundation for your business is truly integral to successfully run your business. Looking for ways to integrate a positive mindset into your life? Try using affirmations, try creating a gratitude journal, and start reading personal growth books.

  5. Understand that you will grow and will be able to add to your life story through this time of struggle and difficulty. Be thankful for the fact that you know this will someday be a story you will be able to tell looking back at who you used to be.

  6. Work on your structure. I recommend using a planner to write down what you want to get done each day and abide by it. Be realistic about the goals you set and what you will be able to get done. Instead of thinking about the hours you want to work, think about the projects you want to get done.

  7. Make sure what you’re doing is something you are insanely passionate about. If you’re selling a product that you don’t think is that great, your business is far less likely to succeed. If you’re in a service-based industry, if you don’t love doing your service for others, you will probably not succeed! When you are passionate about what you sell, people will instantly see that and they will be more likely to purchase your service or product.

  8. Decide that success in your business is NOT negotiable. Have this as your mindset and repeat it to yourself often When you take on this mindset, you will stop even questioning whether or not you should quit; it will no longer be a thought you have.

Every business will always have its difficult times. Now, instead of questioning if you should quit your business when it becomes challenging, you have tangible action steps you can take to stay motivated. Get used to practicing these steps often and in times when running your business is easy and you will find that the “difficult times” may not be as difficult as you used to believe.