Living A Manifested Life (Guest Post)

By: Sovereign Goddess Founder, Elizabeth Modene

“Whether you think you can, or you think you can’t, you're right.” These words, belong to a man by the name of Henry Ford. This brilliant man, along with many, many others, understood one law that governs all of us. One law that people like Oprah, Einstein, Will Smith, and quantum physicians live by: the Law of Attraction.

So what IS the Law of Attraction and how does it work? This can be summed up in three simple words, thoughts become things. Everything you do, everything you feel, the situations in your life, the friends you have, are all the result of your thoughts and what you have attracted to yourself. These are called manifestations, and all that means is whatever you choose to shape in your mind, you can receive in your life. Manifestations can be anything, from a feeling, to a destination, to a thing! You can manifest happiness, success, a Pearl White BMW, and/or your dream house! When we absorb this and know it to be true, we are able to use it as the ultimate tool in shaping our lives.

Take a moment to think about something that makes you supremely happy, feel the emotion wash over you like a warm ocean wave. You feel great in this moment, confident, loved, beautiful. Now while you're in that warm feeling, envision something fantastic that you want to receive. See and feel every detail. My friends, you have just completed step one in this creative process!

The second step is to BELIEVE. You need to know in every fiber of yourself that what you think controls what comes to you, and that this is ALWAYS in action. Sometimes when we manifest there will be no additional action required from us, but in some cases we encounter inspired thought.

The final step is to receive. Accept your desired manifestation and say THANK YOU! Remember that feelings are the gas in your manifestation tank, so when we feel grateful and happy we are attracting more of these events and feelings. This is incredibly important to remember because negative feelings slow us down and attract MORE of that feeling back to us. Now that you know the steps, there is nothing holding you back from manifesting and creating your BEST life! Remember, The Law of Attraction is working whether you employ it or not, so do yourself a favor and hop on board. Life is so much more rewarding and fulfilling when we decide to take control and create our own destiny. Choose happiness, choose love, choose adventure, make every day GREAT! Do all of these things while using The Law to your advantage and remember, YOU create your world, so make it an awesome place to live.


Elizabeth Modene is a Psychic Medium and the Founder of Sovereign Goddesses Life Coaching. She is a lifelong learner of connecting with Spirit, the Power of Attraction and is a Psychic Guide Communicator. She resides in Appleton, Wisconsin with her husband, Dustin, her two dogs and her three cats.  

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