Stuck in the 9-5 Work Grind

Like many of us in this world, I followed all of the steps I was told to take to achieve a successful life. I got good grades in high school, I got into a prestigious university, I maintained a good GPA at said university, and I got a rather decent job out of college. It was at this point that I was supposed to be happy, right? Everything I worked so hard for all of my life was supposed to start paying off, and all of my dreams and goals were supposed to start to finally come to fruition. Except, that wasn’t what it was like at all.


Instead, I found myself miserable and hating life. I found myself no longer dreaming or setting goals for myself. I stopped doing the things I’ve always enjoyed- hanging out with my friends after work or on weekends because I didn’t have the energy or motivation to do so, reading to better myself, or frequently exercising. On Friday nights, instead of going out and having fun with friends I would fall asleep at 8 PM, because I was too exhausted from the work week. I got sick all the time. I fought with my partner about stupid things. I watched way too much mind-numbing tv. I wasn’t living my life- I was just floating through it.


It took me a long time, far too long to finally realize that working in an office 9-5 was slowly sucking my soul out of me and that I needed to get out. That I couldn’t keep doing that without detrimental effects on myself. So, I began to see what was out there. I tried all of these different tactics to try to figure out how I could get out. And finally, I did it. I quit my job and have never looked back. Long gone are the days of looking forward to Friday and dreading Monday. Long gone are the days of pretending to work but not actually doing anything. Long gone are the days of sitting at a desk and dreaming of a better life.


I want to share the steps I took and what I recommend to help others get out of the 9-5 grind with you so that you too can begin your journey:


Change your mindset. Now.  Mindset is the BIGGEST factor in this entire journey. It can make or break your entrepreneurial journey, the act of finding your passion, getting clients or even just getting out of your 9-5. Remember that what you think about you bring about. So you can see that constantly thinking about your success rather than your downfall is much more productive. Say your affirmations, train your mind to think positively and be grateful for everything you have in life!

Try New Things. If you don’t know what it is that you are passionate about or what it is that you want to do, then start to try new things. Join a club or volunteer organization. Take a course at the local college. Consider what you like to do now. Write it all down and see if there is any way you can help other people do that. What problems do people have that you know how to solve? Is there something you could sell that people would want? Be creative.

Expand your knowledge. Read personal growth books. Watch webinars online- there are a million free ones offered. Read blogs. Join Facebook groups that interest you. Engage with others to see what they do. Be curious and be open.

Surround yourself with people that inspire you. Again, join Facebook groups that interest you. Look for events in your area with speakers that inspire you. Look at the 5 people you are closest to- make sure they inspire you, encourage you and bring positive light in your life. If they don’t, consider spending less time with them and know that you are bettering yourself and need to take this time to do everything you can to succeed in life. You deserve this.

Be patient and allow yourself to grow naturally. This is a process, not an overnight success. As soon as you start opening up your mind to other possibilities and start to allow yourself to learn, you will begin to see so many wonderful changes in your life. Before you know it, you will be able to quit your 9-5 and will finally stop dreaming of another life at your work desk, because you know that it is already becoming a reality.