About Hannah

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Hey friend!

My name is Hannah, and I’m so excited to share a little bit more about myself with you! I hope that my story resonates on some level, whether it inspires you or is just enjoyable to read!

I grew up in Appleton, WI and had the loveliest childhood. I was your average good kid who got straight A’s, loved school, and never got into trouble. In high school, that trend continued as I set myself up to attend college. I ended up going to The University of Wisconsin where I spent four spectacular years learning everything I could, making so many new friends, and experiencing all that I could. I even had the opportunity to live in France for awhile to perfect my French language skills.

And then I graduated. I had no clue what I really wanted to do with my life, so I got a normal 9-5 office position doing administrative work hoping that I would figure out what I really wanted to be doing with my life.

Queue my Spiritual Awakening.

What started as me being excited about my new job led to me all of a sudden hating EVERY ASPECT of that job in 3 months time as if a switch was flicked inside of me. Because I had absolutely no clue what to do except work, I stayed stuck in that job for far too long until I figured out my next step.

So after that, I started an incredibly impactful personal and spiritual development journey that allowed me to learn so much about myself. I discovered that I really wanted to be able to work from home, to work towards my dreams, to make the money I dreamt of making, but that no 9 to 5 would ever allow me to make, and I actually wanted to help people. Really help them. And from there, the idea of starting an online business sparked. So I hired my first coach, and I started spending every waking moment on building my business.

And then Spirit (Source, the Universe, God, whatever you call it), stepped in. What began as a normal day at my job turned into me giving a five-week notice.

Have you ever had one of those moments of divine intuition, where you can’t get a thought out of your head and you know you have to do it even though it scares the living shit out of you? That was this moment for me.

I had no intention of giving a five-week notice that morning on my way to work, and I had no clue why it had to be five weeks long.

So, even though I was shaking-in-my-boots scared, I did it.

And the next day, I was called to my manager’s office where he informed me that the company I worked for had this policy that no one really knew about (because no one ever gave more than a two-week notice) where anyone who gave more than a two-weeks notice needed to be let go immediately (on good terms with the company) with two-weeks pay. Apparently, someone along the way burned some bridges with clients on their way out of the company after giving an extended notice.

So, suddenly I found myself jobless with only a big dream and a little bit of money in my bank account. So, naturally, I started sobbing as my world crumbled around me.

And then I picked myself up, and said, “Okay, Hannah. You know that this is exactly how it was supposed to happen. The Universe has released you from a job you hated, now get to work and create the life you actually want.” Well, I don’t think that exact words were said, but you get the idea.

Now, I should take a second here and explain that I wasn’t always spiritual. I technically grew up Catholic, but we never really went to church or strictly followed any of their rules. This was a time where I was JUST getting started in my ascension journey, but I didn’t really know it yet. However, I DID know that Spirit had given me the nudge to quit my job so that it would happen like it did.

So after that day, I spent the next year of my life building up my first business- Limitless Millennials- a coaching business for Limitless Millennial Entrepreneurs. And in addition to that, I delved into Spirituality and began learning everything I could about it so that it began naturally incorporating into my daily life.

Since then, I’ve adapted my coaching business so that I now call myself a Soulful Business Mentor. And I’ve also tacked on the role of Ascension Guide. I guide soulful entrepreneurs in building soul and spiritually-aligned businesses, and I help guide people through their own ascension journeys (which often go hand-in-hand)! I’ve also helped co-create an online magazine- Dear Enlightened One- which is a platform for light workers around the world to be able to connect, learn, and teach one another about all things Spiritual.

I often get asked where I want to be in 3 years, in 5 years, in 10 years. And here’s my answer: I have huge goals and even larger dreams. My plan is for Dear Enlightened One to become well-known globally so that we can be helping millions of people through their ascension journeys, especially as more and more people are awakening. I want to publish books, host retreats all around the world, and teach about spirituality. But, all of those things? Those will be completed within the next couple of years. So where will I be in 5 to 10 years? I don’t know; I guess we’ll have to wait and see!

Sending you love!